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Cooking Classes

Burmese House Founder Mimi

Mimi goes one step further and shares her knowledge by offering cooking classes where you can learn the basics underlying the amazing flavours of Burmese Cooking.


Mimi will show you how to use raw ingredients to make a Burmese curry paste which is the basis of many Burmese dishes.  You will learn how to use this paste to make the curries such as the popular Masala Chicken Curry. Mimi will also show you how to make two main dishes and one of the most popular entrees at the restaurant. 


Under Mimi's step by step guidance you will discover that creating these traditional Burmese dishes is possible at home.  

What happens in a cooking class?

Mimi, your culinary teacher will show you how to cook a curry, a noodle dish, a stir fry and an entree - you, yourself will be able to have a hands-on experience and complete the cooking during the group session.

At the end you can enjoy your dishes over a glass of wine or if time is short, you can take it home to enjoy.

This fabulous class will last for around 3 hours. 

What a great experience! A group of 8 friends booked into Burmese House one Saturday for cooking lessons with owner, Mimi. And what a fabulous day it was!


Having eaten and enjoyed the delicious fresh flavours of Mimi's cooking over many years, we were keen for her to reveal her secrets. 


During the session we made four dishes that included prawns, chicken and vegetarian options. 


With each dish, Mimi explained the essence of the dish and demonstrated how to make it, identifying any difficult aspects.  After watching Mimi making the dish, we collected our ingredients and commenced cooking. It wasn't quite as easy as it appeared. It was great to have the 'hands on' experience of attempting each dish, with Mimi overseeing our efforts and offering her advice. 


Having a food allergy that Mimi has always been more than able to cater for when we have dined at the restaurant, I wasn't surprised, but impressed, that she was so mindful of this during our cooking class. 


After creating our dishes, we enjoyed sitting down as a group with a glass of wine to enjoy a drink, a snack and a chat. 


We all left Burmese House having enjoyed a fabulous day out - with copies of the recipes we had made and enough food to supply the whole family with dinner. 

- Bron Dandie, 4th of April 2013

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